How working on myself has made me become a better parent, a better human being.

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“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one.” Tony Robbins
For many, including myself living an extraordinary life after becoming a parent was an impossible dream. If you ask any parent, “how are you?” Our polite answer will be ‘fine’ while we are burning with tiredness and struggling to find five minutes to ourselves on a daily basis. We find going to the toilet without having anyone knocking on the door as relaxing as a trip to a deserted island.
The lockdown due to the current pandemic has put many of us, parents through the toughest times. However, there is no need to give up on ourselves. If we do not look after ourselves, who will? As parents we need energy, we need patience and determination. None of this is achievable without nurturing ourselves.
We can achieve this in three easy steps
1. Give your children routine
Babies, children, even adults thrive on routine. How many books on routine did you read, even before your baby was born? Routine gives certainty ad reassurance. These feelings are key factors to ensure your children learn to entertain themselves while giving you some time to yourself.
There are endless baby books about setting them into a routine. Pay a visit to your local library and browse a few or search the internet until you find the one that matches your parenting style.

2. Work on your mindset and the rest will follow
Once your children are set on a routine, your day and time will become more predictable. You can then choose to start to give yourself five or ten minutes to work on yourself. Working on yourself means different things to different people. For me, it means to boost my confidence, to try and recover the energy I had when I was younger and to feel hungry again to achieve my personal goals. Achieving my personal goals will in fact also make me feel fulfilled and more prone to find myself not defined by parenthood.
Working on yourself doesn’t need to cost you a penny. The internet is an incredible tool to be used not only to watch videos of cute cats. Go onto youtube and search for ‘motivational videos’. You will be spoilt with choices. You can start with a five minutes video and go from there. Do this daily and you will be amazed on how this will change your life. It will help you change your mindset and this will impact not only your day but your life.
Some recommendations,
• Tony Robbins is amazing – ‘I am not your guru’ on Netflix – highly recommended.
Eric Thomas (ET) (youtube)/ Renée Brown (Netflix), Mel Robins – very inspirational – great selection of their videos available on youtube.

3. Enjoy the present, be happy and grateful
Covid19 has put us all out of our comfort zone, showing us that material things are not as important as we thought they were. We now appreciate the simple moments in life more. So, find a time in your day to stop and look at everything you have, everything you already built and be grateful. Set some time aside to play with your children and be present in the moment. Leave your mobile phone, the tv, the video games out and just be with them. Hug them, kiss them and enjoy the simplicity of being together.
By implementing these very simple steps during lockdown, to be specific since March 2020, my quality of life has seen drastic changes. I have lost twenty pounds, I make time to work out to lead a healthier lifestyle. This has in turn given me more energy and I learned to channel that energy wisely. I am more efficient at work, I spend quality time with my children and husband, and I became again a positive, hopeful and happy human being.
I work full-time, my job does not go only from 9 to 5 as I also work alternate weekends, I am a mum of two under four, etc. Nonetheless, with my recovered determination and my extra energy, I can now proudly call myself a self-published children’s author.
I am not done with achieving my goals because I now know that my strongest driving force is my mindset and determination, and my motivation is my family, with them next to me, I can achieve anything!
“We can change our lives. We can do, have and be exactly what we wish.” Tony Robbins


  1. Avatar

    Many thanks for this fantastic piece of advice!! How many times I have read baby books/ toddlers and everything about how to look after them, forgetting about giving myself some time as well. Brilliant Auxi x

    • Auxi Benitez

      Isabel! I love it that you like the article. It is hard to put oneself first after becoming parents but we must not forget us either! Thank you so much for the time to leave me a comment!


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